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Spent tonight talking with a writer friend about the 35-year copyright clawback clause.

Copyright law is kind of a pain, but writers need to learn it. You're leaving money on the table otherwise. #writing :flan_writing:

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COVID-19, ask for mask recs 

Dear people of the Fedi:

does anyone have a good recommendation for a mask maker that is producing masks that tie behind the head (as opposed to elastic straps), and which are large enough for an adult human man with a ginormous head?

the partner's ears are starting to get weird and chafed from the elastic, and the different "strap holders" we've found are okay, but a better fix would be something that's designed to tie from the get-go.

any recs? :)

What we want and how we believe we get it are often two different things.

— Seth Godin

time to switch keyboards today.
changed my loud clicky TVSE Gold, to a louder, clickier TVSE Gold 😂

one has red keys,
one has blue.
which is the louder one though?
i can’t tell you 😂

The ultimate form of optimization is elimination.

Nothing is more effective than removing the ineffective.

ok, what i was missing was not Soulver from the Mac, but the fact that my muscle memory did not summon a calculator when I hit Ctrl+Alt+Win+B

Situation has immediately been rectified. The shortcut has now been assigned to the pretty handy Gnome Calculator. It is not Soulver by any stretch of the imagination, but it works pretty well!

Me! Every! Fucking.!Time!

Every time I think I’ve figured out how to write, I discover that actually, I’ve just figured out how to write the thing I just wrote, and I have no clue how to write the next scene, the next story, or the next book.

— Maureen McHugh

If a decision is reversible, the biggest risk is moving too slow.
If a decision is irreversible, the biggest risk is moving too fast

3-2-1: On decision making, the value of friends, and self-improvement | James Clear

Live with a bias toward action.

Ironically, this will teach you patience. When you take action each day, you learn the value of accumulating small improvements over time. You understand how daily habits compound.

Be impatient with your actions.
Be patient with your results.

3-2-1: On decision making, the value of friends, and self-improvement | James Clear

Four courses done. Three more to go, before I can step off the gas a bit!

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Whereas everyone else wants to get credit and be respected, you could forget credit. Let others take their credit on credit while you defer and earn interest on the principle.

It’s a rewarding and infinitely scalable power strategy.

The Best Career Advice I've Ever Gotten -

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That’s what the canvas strategy is about—helping yourself by helping others, making a concerted effort to trade your short term gratification for a longer term payoff.

But the noise is filtered. You are surrounded by people who share a common interest which is the reason you decided to live in that specific village in the first place, but you still get the network effect and communicate with people outside of the village because you want to, because you can. This creates a one-to-one or on a larger scale, many-to-many dynamic.”


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