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finally on the computer! yay!

crazy physio today.

now i know what it means, when people say they are broken 😂

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Just remember that actually most of us have no idea what we are doing and just make it up as we go. I include myself in this as much as anyone else.

Dinner’s done! and darned tasty if i say so myself! :)

followed by James Blunt …

You’re beautifool, it’s true!

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Crash and we burn into flames
Stitch myself up and I'd do it again
I can't believe what I did for love 🎶

Emeli Sandé is this evening’s star …

am searching how to wash the okra, I am going to cook 😂

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ok UI designers, listen up. i don't care what type of application you're writing- command line, touch, mouse, GUI, whatever- if you have something i'm supposed to be interacting with, don't change it unless you're given explicit direction to by me.
don't fuck with what's in focus, don't create popups, don't make things clickable that aren't explicit (such as empty space)

(via Pinboard on birdsite)

Once again the New York Times runs an article about protecting yourself from tracking without disclosing any of its financial relationships with the surveillance and tracking companies mentioned, or the fact that these scripts are being served with the article itself.

done with tiny french today!
one more day done!

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alright, it’s a new dawn, it's a new day, it’s a new life for me …

cuz my physio is done!

Adam: “I graduated from university and started working end 2012. At my first job I worked for way under my market rate. I knew this and was OK with it because they were a good company.

Then I switched jobs in 2013. What I hadn’t accounted for was that my salary at my first job was going to limit my future salary prospects. I had to fight hard for raises at my next job before I was in line with people straight out of school, because they didn’t want to double my salary at my previous company.”

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sharing your previous salary will often anchor what the company is willing to offer you:

some how missed even my tiny french lesson yesterday. did that today

Day 8: Still working at something that I probably should have completed days ago.
I seem to be slow :)
But I am persistent! :)

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brutal physio day today!
cannot move anything without it hurting!

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Be kind, be helpful or begone!