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speaking of things to share, i have a newsletter.
stuff i find interesting, stuff i learn, books i read, photos i shot …

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Btw, if you never noticed, I am writing this newsletter on privacy, security, FOSS in general

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Remember to enable 2FA on your mastodon account.

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Writer's block is not a problem. It is a *symptom.*

Going through a divorce? Thyroid imploded? Burnout? Family troubles? All perfectly good reasons for your brain to say "nope, not right now."

Accept it. Spend your energy dealing with the underlying problem. Then, #writing.

Maybe *you* wrote through your divorce. OK, fine. But there is some life event that will stop you cold.

(The preceding brought to you by someone yammering that writer's block is not a thing.)

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and its comedic, yet serious and relevant follow up

my mom got shot in the head,

Indeed, what a vulgar world it would be if we all truly became . . . shameless.

Sunday Firesides: Shame Is a Gift | The Art of Manliness

As a beginner programmer, reading code makes my eyes glaze over.

I need to focus on *each* *single* *line* of code and even then it makes no sense to me.

I have to see what it references and then come back and then build a model of what is happening in my head.

All of which makes it slow going.

Just need to keep at it

started only today.
only 21 pages in. (of 1556)

slow progress.

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