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Silver Rule (negative golden rule): Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. Note the difference from the Golden Rule, as the silver one prevents busybodies from attempting to run your life.

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I am retiring the whole dgplug as project, except and The mailing list is under moderation (any email to it will be deleted). It was a good 15 years run. Thank you everyone.

“How clear it is, from the perspective of history, that when we mythologize the English of a previous age, all we’re doing is creating a moving target that we can never quite hit?”

If you’ve never read NYT’s Op-Eds from the future, this is my favourite one

Opinion | How Can You Appreciate 23rd-Century English? Look Back 200 Years - The New York Times


An APROSDOKETON is a figure of speech in which an expected word in an idiom is replaced with an unexpected one - e.g. "Rome wasn't built in a teacup".

How did I get here?
Lovely talk by child prodigy, PSF fellow Pradyun Gedam on his journey.

To improve, compare little things.

-marketing strategies
-exercise technique
-writing tactics

To be miserable, compare big things.

-career path
-net worth

James Clear’s latest

IOS 13 PSA: You might think “Oh, I need to allow this video streaming app to use Bluetooth so I can listen over my Bluetooth headphones.” Nope. Video apps rely on the system to route audio to your headphones. You can safely deny BT for Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

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A new edition of the book Modern C is now available under a CC license via the following page

"A quick heuristic to identify what really matters to you is to think of what advice you’d give your best friend if they were in the same situation as you." - @ShaneAParrish

For once, the Indian price of the audiobook is even less than the Kindle. (and I paid less than that because of the Audible membership

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Real quick show of hands (boosts appreciated):

Who here on Mastodon is

(1) trans, nb, or otherwise LGBTQIA;

(2) in tech, or tech-adjacent; and

(3) has been passed over, retaliated against, or fired because of it?

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Be kind, be helpful or begone!