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⚠ Warning for predatory behavior 

“The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.

If you think education is expensive try ignorance.
- Derek Bok

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If you're currently studying, check out GitHub's Student Developer Pack:

Premeditatio Malorum!

Life can knock us on our ass, can’t it? Just out of nowhere, our legs are suddenly in the air and we’re on the ground. An email from your investors—they are pulling out. A phone call from your wife—your place has burned down. The specifics vary for each one of us but in a second, your whole life changes. How do you respond? How do you carry on?

hw: 97.2 kgs (2019/09/30)
sw: 87.6 kgs (2019/11/15)
cw: 83.2 kgs (2020/02/03)

gw1: 83 kgs
gw2: 80 kgs
gw3: 77 kgs
gw4: 74 kgs
gw5: 72 kgs

1.2kgs lost.
so close, yet so far :)
loved that i lost weight even on vacation.

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Courage is born in the captainship of soul.

Sunday Firesides: Control = Courage | The Art of Manliness

In the deepest, blackest night of despair, if you can get just one pinhole of light . . .
all of grace rushes in.

The Story of a Curious Phone Call – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Embrace who you really are, embrace what makes you unique. Let your freak flag fly—because chances are it’s special. Shine on you crazy diamond. Be purple. Be the small part that makes the rest bright.

We desperately need you to do that.

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

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"The growing inaccessibility of science"


"Access options"


Forget cutting yourself a break today. Instead, just be kind. Be your own friend. Catalog some of your strengths. Smile at all the progress you’ve made. Tell yourself, “good job.” And then promise that you’re going to keep going and keep working because you know you’re worth it.

You Have To Be Kind To Yourself

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Be kind, be helpful or begone!