Sometimes they plant the seed for an idea that I might write about later on. But mostly, I relish in the quiet engagement of pen on paper, my hand working with my brain to create something concrete and real, something that can’t be deleted in an instant after it is read.

Why Martha McPhee Carries a Notebook Everywhere | Wirecutter

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But that’s not why my notebook comes with me everywhere. I take it with me because it helps me track the uncharted territory of the present moment. In this act of gathering—scrawls about things noticed on the way to a store, the playbill for my son’s brief acting career, glue-sticked to the page—I’m forced to slow down and tend to the parts that evoke a whole.

aha moment.

the effects of stuff that you practice, stay with you for long and help you grow, even if you don’t notice it yourself.

when you do, it’s a really pleasant surprise.

I learnt some basics of french using the fluent forever app for a couple of months and abandoned it, because life …

and yesterday, i read a couple of french quotes and it took me a moment before i realised that i had *read* french and understood it.
without me noticing!

What can you do with 5 good minutes?

5 good minutes of:

-pushups is a solid workout
-sprints will leave you winded
-writing can deliver 1 good page
-reading can finish an insightful article
-meditation can reset your mood

You don’t need more time—just a little focused action.

3-2-1: Helping others, focus, and the difference between ambition and happiness | James Clear

“Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death. The higher the interest rate and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer

“In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro“
Everywhere I have sought peace and not found it, except in a corner with a book.

— Thomas à Kempis

The key to a good walk is to be aware. To be present and open to the experience. Put your phone away. Put the pressing problems of your life away, or rather let them melt away as you move. Look down at your feet. Notice how effortlessly they move. Is it you who’s doing that? Or do they just sort of move on their own? Listen to the sound of the leaves crunching underfoot. Feel the ground pushing back against you.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Get lost. Be unreachable. Go slowly.

—Ryan Holiday

when people engage more fully in behaviors that give them a sense of pleasure and mastery, they can begin to overcome negative emotions.

What You Truly Value

When there’s something within you that moves in the right direction, it creates its own discipline.
— Anthony de Mello

hw: 97.2 kgs (2019/09/30)
sw: 87.6 kgs (2019/11/15)
cw: 80.0 kgs (2020/03/30)

g̶w̶1̶:̶ ̶8̶3̶ ̶k̶g̶s̶
g̶w̶2̶:̶ ̶8̶0̶ ̶k̶g̶s̶
gw3: 77 kgs
gw4: 74 kgs
gw5: 73 kgs
gw6: 70 kgs
gw7: 68 kgs

just hit goal 2 on the nose today!
the journey got a little more fun :)

(also 68 is not the end goal, it’s just a fun base for a while.
i’d actually like to be 72, but with muscles, not fat)

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That didn’t work …
I need to think outside the box …
I heed to think inside the box …
I need to make love to the box 😂

Erasers are wonderful - The Oatmeal

four actionable steps towards more awareness:

Put this program into action, a thousand times: (a) identify the negative feelings in you; (b) understand that they are in you, not in the world, not in external reality; (c) do not see them as an essential part of “I”; these things come and go; (d) understand that when you change, everything changes.


Human existence matters most when we set goals and strive for undetermined outcomes. Maybe we will fail. Maybe not. But in either case, it will be our failure and our triumph--and that ownership matters.


Best article I have seen to date, explaining cholestrol levels and hdl and ldl and all that jazz.

bonus: cute egg cartoons!

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