Whoever at Apple thought, the new text input method on iOS devices, was good to use, needs to get their noggin examined.

This is a dumpster fire

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it's funny when people act like blocking makes you a baby who cant handle disagreement. actually i'm an adult with limited time on this earth and i'm not gonna waste it reading the useless opinions of rude idiots

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Most of the time in the first iteration I don't write optimized code, I try to write code, which looks ugly, but, that code works.

and then upgraded nikola too, while i was at it

a really good look at the pros and cons of online privacy
share with your not tech oriented friends


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speaking of things to share, i have a newsletter.
stuff i find interesting, stuff i learn, books i read, photos i shot …

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@pradhvan I don't know how I borked the reply thread, but there you go :)

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So for you, @pradhvan, this is really good advice.

Three things, I want to reinforce
1. Meditate
2. Don't let work be your whole life
3. Leaving is always an option

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@pradhvan @kushal was going to say this is all self-evident before I realised I had to learn all this the hard way.

If I hadn't learnt and moved, I would never have ended up managing a team or becoming a leader
I’d still be a grease monkey, servicing cnc machines or repairing tv sets somewhere
The point is to always have varied interests and to learn and grow
It does not necessarily have to help further your career (but it always invariably does)

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