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Aryeh Nirenberg has created an amazing video, which lets you feel the rotation of the earth:

Using a tracking mount aligned with North Star, he kept taking photos every 12 seconds for about 3 hours. The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way.

fucking leg day!

what is the point of calling them leg exercises, if you have no legs at the end?

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety


When the river was deep I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me, no no
I knew you were waiting for me


And if we're victims of the night
I won't be blinded by the light


She’s an easy lover …
She'll get a hold on you believe it


I know just where to find the answers
And I know just how to lie
I know just how to fake it
And I know just how to scheme
I know just when to face the truth
And then I know just when to dream


And we can build this thing together
Stand this stormy weather
Nothing's gonna stop us now


Can I start things over
And change your mind
Can I sing a melody
Press rewind
Can I move your feet make your heart skip a beat
Can a simple tune flow through you?



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