“Success is largely the failures you avoid.
Health is the injuries you don’t sustain.
Wealth is the purchases you don’t make.
Happiness is the objects you don’t desire.
Peace of mind is the arguments you don’t engage.
Avoid the bad to protect the good.”

3-2-1: On compliments, inversion, and the importance of high standards | James Clear


@sahilister whenever you see a note to self hashtag it means that, that is something I need to urgently do myself :)

Done with Morpheus. For now …

I’m sure the Endless will draw me back into the Dreaming, soon enough.

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We often avoid taking action because we think “I need to learn more,” but the best way to learn is often by taking action.


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This relieves me, because Amazon is pretty much the only way, I can get books here in India!

Aurelia, Angel Rosen’s book of poems is free on the Amazon Kindle Store


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Things are what they are.
Life is what it is.
And it must be faced …
with courage, discipline, justice and wisdom.


Attention span arbitrage:

Your attention span for x is greater than most.

You use your attention span for x to create things for people that like x but don't have your attention span for x.



@sahilister or time lapsed content.
The list gets it before it shows up on the blog

@sahilister your granny knows not about RSS feeds 😂

Besides the mailing list feels like I'm building a community for myself. Feels much warmer 😃

I should build some exclusives for the list, come to think of it!

Life Tip: When resigning from a company, don't tell a single person until your management has acknowledged and accepted it.


You could leave life right now, Marcus Aurelius reminds us.
We have to let that determine what we do and say and the jobs we take.
Life is too short to be or do things you know aren’t right, that you know you’re not meant to do.

Don’t put it off.
Don’t lie to yourself.
It will never happen… unless you pull the trigger right now

There Is No “One Last Job”

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Be kind, be helpful or begone!