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by the rivers of babylon,
there we sat down,
yeah we wept.
as we remembered zion!

Today’s BIG episode is short yet juicy!

> At the very end, in the appendix, there’s a paragraph where they (Brin & Page) admit that the targeted advertising business model could be misused by companies or other entities in ways that would hurt users.


> Fuck you, Pay me!


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first thing to do when i put my desktop on?

start tor browser and signal and then go make tea

cuss words 

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Remember, the free in "Free Software" means freedom, you still may have to pay for it.

folks who are following me, after reading stuff i boosted are going to be sorely disappointed in a few days after realising how boring i truly am 😂

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When I asked him, "Chacha, aap yahan bina ghar ke kaise rehte hain?" (How do you live here without a home?)
He smiled and said, "Nizamuddin ke darbar me beghar kaun hota hai!!" (How can one be homeless in the Grace of Nizamuddin!)

#dilli #delhi #humansofdelhi #nizamuddinauliya #stories #photography #india

@kushal @nextcloud know any free nextcloud hosts?

doubt folks will switch unless the price is free :)

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I want Linux to be accessible. The idea that Linux is for people who understand computers and software is elitist and pushes most people away and back into the arms of Microsoft, Apple, and Google, who are more than happy to make things easy and convenient.

Further, Linux should be accessible to people who are blind, or have difficulty typing, or any other thing that makes using a computer more difficult.

We're moving away from security as an afterthought, but accessibility? Too hard, I guess.

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Are you new to #Linux? Or do you want to learn the command line tools we use everyday on Linux? This book will help you in learning lym.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

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