Imagine you’re Seneca and you come down with tuberculosis. Your doctor tells you that you have to travel to Egypt to recuperate in a different climate. He’s not talking about a few days… Seneca was gone for up to 10 years. 10 years of waiting, not in control, of patience and powerlessness.

Life is full of waiting. It’s filled with moments of forced stillness. We’re delusional to think we’ll be exempted from this—that things are going to happen at our pace and on our terms. So these few months we’ve spent feel like an eternity. Yeah, so? Are you so incapable of that Stoic virtue of self-discipline and temperance that you’re going to make it worse by rushing into things?

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C’mon. We don’t control what happens, we control how we respond.

Courage, yes that’s a virtue, but sometimes it takes courage to not do things.
Wisdom is virtue too. And justice and moderation.

We need those things from you, today and always. We need you to figure out how to wait. How to be patient. How to be smart.

…how to be still.

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