And just for fun, let’s do English History alongside Python 😝

started only today.
only 21 pages in. (of 1556)

slow progress.

As a beginner programmer, reading code makes my eyes glaze over.

I need to focus on *each* *single* *line* of code and even then it makes no sense to me.

I have to see what it references and then come back and then build a model of what is happening in my head.

All of which makes it slow going.

Just need to keep at it

this fell by the wayside.
1600 odd pages.
2 days.
can i speed read this?
think i know enough python to attempt such a feat :)

chapter 3, Script Execution Content executed

chap 4, filed away File and Directory Tools

chap 5, did Parallel System Tools. terrifyingly confused.

chap 6, Complete System Programs completed

Chapter 8: A tkinter Tour, Part 1
the tour begins

Chapter 9: A tkinter Tour, Part 2
the tour ends

Chapter 10: GUI Coding Techniques
lots of tips and tricks

Chapter 11: Complete GUI Programs
good runthrough of programs to study!

Chapter 14: The PyMailGUI Client
ran through this one

Chapter 15: Server-Side Scripting
even faster with this one

Chapter 16: The PyMailCGI Server
just flat out sprinting now.

Chapter 17: Databases and Persistence
this was familiarish

Chapter 18: Data Structures, even more familiar

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