I hate Learning Python because it is so huge and painstakingly exhaustive.
Also, I absolutely love Learning Python because it is so huge and painstakingly exhaustive.

Note to self

“If someone succeeds in provoking you, realize that your mind is complicit in the provocation." Epictetus


You’re a thousand miles away …

The Heartbeats


The Boyz II Men / Take 6, collaboration

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10 people from dgplug helping one person to get Fedora 30 installed on the system, watching over live video feed via mobile.

Serena vs. the Drones

Fun read!


P. S. The post title should be a superhero comic 😂

I believe there is penance in yearning. There is poverty in giving away too much of your heart. When the desire for another is not returned in equal measure—nothing in the world could compensate for the shortfall. Sometimes the loneliest place to be is in love.

--- Lang Leav, The Universe of Us

Mastery requires both impatience and patience.

The impatience to have a bias toward action, to not waste time, and to work with a sense of urgency each day.

The patience to delay gratification, to wait for your actions to accumulate, and to trust the process.


sorry, i meant Mint. Linux Mint.
with Cinnamon :)

ok Mate. please be stable.

for someone who loved Windows XP, this is awesome.

much faster and more responsive than Ubuntu.
better font rendering

fingers crossed on stability.

one apt upgrade and a brand new ubuntu installation now hard hangs at boot.

so long for now Ubuntu.
off to look for another Debian based os.

This is getting tiring.

While this is the norm with every big co, actually, I get extra upset with Apple, because I remember the years when it wasn’t so.

They had a chance to build a ‘different’ kind of service org too.
They chose not to.

Why I have a love/hate relationship with Apple, tending more towards hate.

Great experience with the devices.
Crazily over parented walled garden
Asshore level service


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"Buy time: I’m not sure I can summarize this one right now. I’ll get back to you later."

The most recent one I applied after learning from him.

And it works for 100%. Thank you :)

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Finally, day with no nicks and a decent shave. I can now use a straight razor 😀
Thank you Josh Kaufman, for teaching me about the First Twenty Hours 😀

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