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"We humans are not just a superficial race (this may be curable to some extent); we are a very unfair one."

- Nassim Nicholas Taleb in The Black Swan

(Always on my mind. Not just to other species but to themselves too!)

i bid adieu for today.
will be back from the new server in a day or two

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got znc up and running
learnt to transfer whole folders with znc

transferred the settings from the old server to my desktop
and then ansible-copied them to the new server

tested it out. all works swimmingly well!

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fail2ban is installed!
learnt how to loop in ansible too :)

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for me, i guess it’ll mostly be the copy module.

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figured when to use the copy module vs the template module from a couple of my expert friends

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as an aside, i just learnt how to tunnel back to my machine using ssh

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got fail2ban installed.
now lunch
be back to configure it later

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ooh ufw is preinstalled.
ok now to configure it to my liking

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if past me, read this toot in isolation, he would think i am some kind of wizard at ansible 😂

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