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A basic confusion has wrought so much destruction in American life.
A lot of venture capitalists tricked themselves, and then others, into thinking that they are thinkers.

The whole short thread is worth reading

I had such a case of domain blindness, that while I could smell this in my nouveau riche clients from other fields, I could not see it in tech 😂

time to call it a night, i guess!
the machine feels set and stable!

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and i think the machine is up! with the exception of the wifi dongle.

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RIP Anders Ericsson!

Will always be grateful to you for helping me become a much better learner!

Ok I boobooed creating my user and somehow wound up deleting half the stuff in my home folder

Never mind, that’s what backups are for

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Life Tip: If you wake due to stress and can't fall asleep, do a chore like emptying/reload dishwasher or put away laundry.

You'll burn off your frustration and be able to settle nerves having a sense of accomplishment

ok, back after a reboot.

always wondered why the screen went entirely blank when it came time to typing in the encrypted disk password.

today i realised that is the proprietary nvidia driver that causes this.

the screen has a lovely prompt when the nouveau driver is in use

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