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When there’s something within you that moves in the right direction, it creates its own discipline.
— Anthony de Mello

hw: 97.2 kgs (2019/09/30)
sw: 87.6 kgs (2019/11/15)
cw: 80.0 kgs (2020/03/30)

g̶w̶1̶:̶ ̶8̶3̶ ̶k̶g̶s̶
g̶w̶2̶:̶ ̶8̶0̶ ̶k̶g̶s̶
gw3: 77 kgs
gw4: 74 kgs
gw5: 73 kgs
gw6: 70 kgs
gw7: 68 kgs

just hit goal 2 on the nose today!
the journey got a little more fun :)

(also 68 is not the end goal, it’s just a fun base for a while.
i’d actually like to be 72, but with muscles, not fat)

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That didn’t work …
I need to think outside the box …
I heed to think inside the box …
I need to make love to the box 😂

Erasers are wonderful - The Oatmeal

four actionable steps towards more awareness:

Put this program into action, a thousand times: (a) identify the negative feelings in you; (b) understand that they are in you, not in the world, not in external reality; (c) do not see them as an essential part of “I”; these things come and go; (d) understand that when you change, everything changes.


Human existence matters most when we set goals and strive for undetermined outcomes. Maybe we will fail. Maybe not. But in either case, it will be our failure and our triumph--and that ownership matters.


Best article I have seen to date, explaining cholestrol levels and hdl and ldl and all that jazz.

bonus: cute egg cartoons!

“Whenever there is a gap between your habits and your goals, your habits will always win.”

3-2-1: Anticipation vs. expectation, how to write an ad, and the definition of love | James Clear

I had no immune system for months after my bone marrow transplant. Here’s how I avoided viral illness, and how you can, too. It’s easier than you think.

the Tarzan of my childhood.
love the art!

caution: the page takes a loooooooooong time to load!

sw: 97.2 kgs (2019/09/30)
sw: 87.6 kgs (2019/11/15)
cw: 81.5 kgs (2020/03/23)

gw1: 83 kgs ✔️
gw2: 80 kgs
gw3: 77 kgs
gw4: 74 kgs
gw5: 73 kgs
gw6: 70 kgs
gw7: 68 kgs

a kilo down in 2 weeks.

it’s been a while.
i might not have updated this (i forgot, plain and simple), but i kept .

Added two more goals to the list, because they now seem achievable. 68 is what I used to be. It’s what I’d like to be at again.

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How A Stoic Thinks About Reading

-Seek out authors you disagree with (Seneca)
-Linger on a number of master thinkers (Seneca)
-Make time for fiction and literature (Marcus Aurelius)
-Write down quotes and memorize passages you like (Aurelius)
-Turn words into WORKS (Seneca)

Levi’s fellow captive explained that he didn’t wash himself for practical reasons, but as an act of defiance, a way to rise superior to his circumstances. If the camp was “a great machine to reduce us to beasts,” he told his friend, “we must not become beasts … we must force ourselves to save at least … the scaffolding, the form of civilization.”

Open enough to grow and closed enough to hold together is what a life must also be. We collage ourselves into being, finding the pieces of a worldview and people to love and reasons to live and then integrate them into a whole, a life consistent with its beliefs and desires, at least if we’re lucky.

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