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kushal *is * the one who have made all the difference in my life. It's hard to compile up everything here, but in short, if I have something to showcase, It's all because of kushal's generous guidance and his time. kushal is the best mentor one could have.


jour trois: apprendre les nombres au fur et à mesure

more review done

if @kushal has made an impact on your life, or taught you something, reply to this thread with

@kushal, most importantly has shown me how to be irrationally generous and how to be a good human (even with your flaws, specially with your flaws)

@kushal has been the mentor, I never thought I needed, and one of the few folk in the world I call friend

@kushal has taught me the value of patient persistence and the value of small gains (however tiny they might be)

@kushal has been a constant inspiration to me ever since we stumbled across each other on birdsite all those years ago

jour deux, more review done. watched a video on the french alphabet

why am i hearing of fanlore and archive of our own, only today?

this is amazing. feels like the early web!

end of my fish experiment.

I *love* fish, but right now I can’t spare the time to learn to make it play nice with existing scripts.
Not while I am learning programming and every one from install scripts to VS Code’s bash integration, randomly trip on the fact that I use fish.

Will be back someday! As a user, I feel this is what a well designed shell should be!

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Do not go to this playground, nothing good will happen here

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If I write on social media that I "code in hardware", no one will ask me what do I mean by hardware. If a woman writes the same, everyone jumps in to ask what does she mean.

deuxième round, jour un, recommencer! :)

Drats! The streak broke. that should teach me to leave the one device that has the app at home!

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